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KC  70'S Flashback Party

Let Kip energize your event and take you back to the 70's performing as KC of the world famous KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND.  Dance to all your favorite "KC" hits and more 70's disco-era classics.  Include dynamic female lead vocalist and you have a real dance party!  Listen to her sexy sounds as she attracts the partiers to the dance floor, and dance with KC as he leads all the best 70's dances where you can "Shake Your Booty" all night long.


      Kip as KC and the Sunshine Girls

         See youtube video


   Kip as Garth Brooks

See youtube video

Garth Live

Experience the energy of a Garth concert with Kip Sweeny performing as the one and only GARTH BROOKS!!  Enjoy hits like Two Pina Colodas, Friends In Low Places and Ain't Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up.  Kip's crowd interaction is like none you've ever seen, whether you're in the front or back row, every seat is the best at Kip's Garth tribute show.  See Kip as Garth as a solo act or along with a Reba McEntire Tribute Artist for a powerful country duo event called "The King and Queen of Country".

Whether you are looking for a dance party or a country event, all productions can be as large as you need to fit your venue.

Performances can be a simple solo, duet, or 3 piece track show, but imagine a country event with a 5 piece band complete with steele guitar and fiddle players, or a disco dance party with a 5 piece rhythm section, add 3 horns and a team of hot dancers.....Oh what a night!

Dance interaction, dance lessons, meet and greet time, and photo opps are all a part of every show.

To view live performances follow the following links:

Kips Promo Video updates: Night Moves of Orlando Dance Band

Kips Promo Video updates: Danny Ware as Michael Jackson

Kip Sweeny as KC & The Sunshine Band